Civil Service Commission Circular

To promote public awareness in the observance of the Development Policy Research Month (DPRM), the Civil Service Commission (CSC) has issued a memorandum encouraging all government agencies to participate in the DPRM celebration through the following activities:

1) Display commemorative streamers for the whole month of September at prominent places in their offices. Attached is a sample design of the streamer. Any question about the design may be forwarded to For the logo of PIDS, it is available at,, and the PIDS Facebook page at

2) Repost and share DPRM infographics, promotional videos, and other related announcements in their respective websites and social media accounts. (Note: Kindly download the infographics and promotional videos on the DPRM website ( and PIDS social media ( and

3) Explain the objectives and announce the activities lined up for the DPRM during their flag-raising ceremonies preferably on these dates: August 27 and September 3) (Note: Please see attached DPRM briefer.)

4) Organize activities or events that may be relevant to the theme or to policy research. If they have any of such activities/events, they are requested to e-mail the details to Ms. Viveka Miguel at so that PIDS can include them in the List of Activities/Events for the 2018 DPRM Celebration which will be posted on the DPRM website at The site will run throughout the months of August to December 2018.

5) Encourage government personnel to visit the DPRM and APPC website using these links: and, respectively.

Click here to view the CSC Circular.

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